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Services & Curriculum

High Point Child Care Learning Center offers the foundation to encourage your child’s interests in learning. Our center is a unique, fun-filled, extracurricular learning center for children and their families.


High Point Child Care Learning Center offers curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for your child. This means that through play your child is challenged to master the skills and concepts appropriate for their age level. We accomplish this by training our teachers to identify each individual learning style, whether it be visual (seeing), tactile (feeling), or audio (hearing).

The teachers challenge the children with activities to stimulate learning and growth. Our classrooms are arranged into “learning centers” to provide a wide range of educational opportunities in Art, Language, Reading, Math, Blocks, Manipulatives, Science, and Social Studies.


A well-balanced breakfast and lunch, as well as a nutritious snack, are provided for your child each day. If your child has a food or milk allergy, or is on a special diet, we must have a written note from your physician to provide substitutions.

High Point Child Care Learning Center promotes home-style food service, following the State Food Program guidelines. Your child is permitted by the State to eat only the food prepared at the center while he or she is in our care. In the event of a special celebration/birthday, only commercially prepared and packaged treats are permitted. No home-made items will be accepted. Thank you for your cooperation with promoting a healthy and balanced diet.


High Point Child Care Learning Center’s weekly tuition schedule is as follows:
Infants $195 per week
Age One $175 per week
Age Two $170 per week
Pre-School (age 3-5) $160 per week
Summer Program (age 6-12) $160 per week (subject to change)
• Tuition is due on Monday mornings for each week of service. Daily late fees of $15 per day are charged at noon on Tuesday if tuition is still unpaid.  Tuition is due for an entire week, every week, regardless of the frequency of actual attendance.
• Families with multiple enrollments will pay full tuition for the youngest child and receive a 5% discount off the older child’s tuition fee.
• A non-refundable Registration Fee of $75 is due for each child prior to enrollment.
• An annual activity fee for children 1 year old and up of $60 is charged as follows: $30 due January 1st and $30 due July 1st. Infants are charged an annual fee of $30, half payable on January 1st and July 1st. Newly enrolled students will be charged a pro-rated rate for the activity fee accordingly.

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