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High Point Child Care Learning Center takes great pride in offering high quality child care for Evansville, Indiana and the surrounding tri-state area.  We care for children ranging in ages from 6 weeks to 5 years of age.  We have achieved and held a Paths To Quality Level 3 rating for many years.

High Point uses the Creative Curriculum which encourages children to use their imaginations and creativity to learn new skills and gain new knowledge of the world around them.  This means that through play your child is challenged to master the skills and concepts appropriate for their age level. We accomplish this by training our teachers to identify each individual learning style, whether it be visual (seeing), tactile (feeling), or audio (hearing). The teachers challenge the children with activities to stimulate learning and growth.

Our classrooms are arranged into “learning centers” to provide a wide range of educational opportunities in Art, Language, Reading, Math, Blocks, Manipulatives, Science, and Social Studies.


We believe that all children in our care should be provided a safe, clean, and healthy environment in which to grow and learn.

We believe children should be exposed to developmentally appropriate activities that stimulate and challenge their physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth.

We believe that by providing such a quality service, parents will feel reassured to pursue their careers with confidence in knowing that their children are well cared for and with minimal interruptions to their daily schedule.

We recognize the importance of the family as the first teacher.  By respecting the diversity represented by those we serve, including their values and cultures, we encourage the development of strong and healthy families.


High Point Child Care Learning Center is committed to quality childcare and excellence in facilitating the early childhood learning experience.  Our program supports developmentally appropriate activities, character development and respect for diversity, social skills with family involvement while maintaining a nurturing, healthy environment and support system in which teachers are viewed as participants in the natural learning process for children.


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